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There are times in life when we find ourselves at a personal cross roads.

Something happening that is not easy to explain: items having moved around the house, when we know we did not place them there. Or seeing an odd reflection in the mirror multiple times.

It might take form of times that a chill happens in the house in the middle of summer, or a feeling of being watched when no one is around.

There are many times the metaphysical world seems to collide with our every day world. Some events might be very happy ones, some might be worse.

It's not uncommon, yet fewer and fewer people are around talking about it. Some try to fluff it off as an active imagination, others saying it's fairy tales. Yet these things do happen, they do exist, and it can be daunting to find answers about it all.



Terra Turas brings a panel together to help explain those metaphysical events. Through a series of discussions, we will walk through decades of insight, information and experience from our panel members. Engaging with people who might be in the chat room helps the conversation evolve, allowing knowledge to be passed along to help in everyday life.

Topics of conversation may become far ranging: universal energy, spiritual beings, manifestation, cleansing a home as well as items brought home and much more.

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