Terra Turas Panel Member Kelly B. Hurst

  Writer, Card Reader, Automatic Writing, Empath


Kelly has been an avid user of Spirit Boards since her early twenties and loves them so much she creates and sometimes sells handcrafted spirit boards. She has often conducted readings using her handcrafted spirit boards. She is an empath, tarot card reader, does automatic writing and artwork.

Kelly has been doing professional readings on and off for the last 15 years at local psychic fairs in Northeast Ohio when her work schedule permits.

Kelly is the founding member of the Preternatural Club of Cuyahoga Falls where members tour haunted places, train others about spiritual healing, or look to enrich their lives through education of the paranormal.
Kelly is an aspiring writer of horror stories, some inspired by actual events in her personal life. She has written multiple tales that have been narrated on YouTube, and she also writes and creates her own Horror Shorts on her YouTube Channel here: Black Friday's Witch 13

She is currently writing a series of blogs on her www.preternaturalclubgirl.blog site about her paranormal “awakening” at 23 years of age.





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