Terra Turas Panel Member Michael

  Psychic, Author, Seminar Instructor


More than two decades ago, Michael found what he terms as his "true vocation", helping people through the use of metaphysical readings. He is often heard explaining that it is more than just being a psychic, it's finding the right combination of insights, information and clarity for each individual he works with.

Many people have commented that Michael is a 'down to earth' type of reader and life coach, with part of his gift residing in his ability to simplify what could have been very complex information, and still keep it's true worth for them.

After traveling, lecturing, speaking and working with so many, Michael decided to take a short break, spending time with his family. During that time, he completed and published his book 'The Einstein Principle: How the Smartest Man in the World + 20,000 Psychic Readings Taught Me the Secret to Wealth and Happiness'.

Michael has spent decades working in the metaphysical field as an intuitive reader and life coach. What does this mean in plain english? Metaphysics, by definition, is the branch of philosophy that examines the nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, fact and value. A common term for an intuitive reader would be either psychic or clairvoyant.

In this field, Michael has been able to help thousands of people in more than eighteen different countries around the globe. He has helped them achieve their goals in relationships, financial structure, health, emotional and spiritual balance, career aspects and much more. Through all of those sessions and conversations, Michael was able to develop a unique understanding of both basic and much more complex issues that people were facing, as well as how to solve them or negate them completely!

By defining what metaphysics is, it becomes clearer how Michael's understandings are the right fit in the lives of those who are looking to make serious and long lasting changes.

When people are looking to understand dynamics in their lives, Michael has the experience to not only help define issues, but to help resolve them while taking new strides in life toward success, happiness and personal enrichment.





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