Terra Turas Panel Member Stephanie Allison

  Psychic, Medium, Healer, Instructor

I’m fortunate and blessed to have a family on both sides that believed in “trusting your gut instincts” and that listening to your hunches would never leave you in doubt.   What’s especially interesting is my great grandmother whom I never met was a “gifted reader of the cards” herself; and now my journey begins.

My lifelong interest of the metaphysical realm, psychic/mediumship abilities, the paranormal, UFO’s, all cryptids and all things that go bump in the night, set me on a path of self-discovery that has taken me on a journey of growth and healing that strengthened and developed my own intuitive and spiritual path.

Healing holistically through herbs, meditation, nutrition and energy healing and continuing metaphysical education, I’ve honed my skills to trust Creator, my divine self, to walk in this beauty of my Earth Walk. Being in balance with my truths, for the highest and greatest good and let that light shine that abides within.

I’m a psychic/medium, I use various oracle decks as my tools of divination and counsel while reading and I do Spirit/Power Animal totem readings also.

I’m a certified Angel Ray Healing practitioner/teacher, Reiki practitioner/ re connective energy practitioner.

I lead a group of talented psychic/mediums that meets once a month in helping others develop their psychic and mediumship skills through Spirit Circle. Many of us gather every other week and do a “reading share”, helping others develop their talents as well, getting all to tap into their divine knowing, of who they are, what they are and how they serve in this Earth school.

I’m also involved with S.I.G.H.T of Ohio, a (Spiritual Insight Ghost Hunting Team) paranormal investigation team. “We don’t have to prove ghosts/spirits exist, we know they do. We accept and respect them as they are and help them if they are in need of rescue. We would never force any spirit to the light, we treat all spirit with dignity and respect; we have free will and so does spirit.”

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