Terra Turas Panel Member Tammy Manzo

  Astrologer, Energy Facilitator, Teacher


I was born in Lorain, Ohio to a family that had prophetic dreams. My father and my grandmother on my father’s side regularly experienced these dreams.

My own introduction to the world of what cannot be seen was at age seven, when I remembered a severely traumatic past life death. I carried this trauma with me for many years in secret. Even though my family accepted “dreams”, they were strict Catholics that did not accept past lives or astrology. I had started studying astrology at the age of twelve, and I kept that a secret as well.

Flashing forward many years, my son at age five started to see and hear spirits. I had not done any spiritual or metaphysical work until that point. My soul was called into action and had to “wake up” quickly. Everything came forward then and it felt like being downloaded: tarot, astrology, learning and then teaching energy healing modalities. I then learned to work in the Akashic Records for healing, clearing, and releasing purposes. I now use a client’s astrology chart to target very specific issues and blockages that come forward from past lives, and then clear them away in the Akashic Records.

I have clients throughout the United States, Canada, and England, but the person I work on the most is myself, clearing out stuck energy, old programs and beliefs, and karma. You can find my astrology page on facebook: it is called North Node Venus Astrology.





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